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Video Game Invention
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Welcome to Caertha's Facts Weekend.

Our gaming event was a big success, But we where unhappy with the name, so we converted into: Caertha's Facts Weekend.  

Whats new ?

- We got a new hotel .

- We are allowed to Fursuit at the hotel and have fun

- Breakfast is included ^^

- The vox will provide something special ^^

The Holiday In

We selected the holiday In Hotel, because it's adjacent to the Facts Con. 3 min walk and you are there. Facts policy is that you can leave the expo and return when you want. This gives the opportunity to relax and return whenever you want. It's also the best place to get dressed into your fursuit. And as a surprise for our attendees, we will have something special for you ^^.


The hotel has allowed us to fursuit in the lobby and rooms, as long as we don't annoy the other hotel guests. Because the tram runs next to the expo, you can easily travel to town. For dinner you are free to do what you want, we will not be organizing a group dinner. Because having dinner with a large group is rather difficult to manage. 

Foxden & Vox at Facts
Some of you may already know that we will have a stand at Facts. We will provide a lounge where fursuiters can relax, we will provide beverages, first aid if needed, you can even buy merchandise or you can just say hello ^^. 

Time & Location

Apr 05, 2025, 3:00 PM – Apr 05, 2025, 5:00 PM

Gent, Maaltekouter 3, 9051 Gent, Belgium

Ticket Price: €135.00
Ticket sales wil open on the 1th of Januari 2025

Be mindful that parking at the hotel is not included in the price
A parking  spot is 15 euro/per day



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