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The Vox Policies

These policies apply to all attendees that attend our events or conventions.  (Last Edited 21/04/2024)

During the registrations, you have to agree with the Vox Policies.  

1. General Policy 

2. Terms & Conditions
3. Registration and payments

4. Behaviour Rules of Conduct

5. Alcohol, Drugs, weapons, illegal commerce and Dangerous items Policy

6. Media Policy

7. Security, Safety and Personal Aid

8. Service Animals

9. Rules of Commerce

10. Privacy

11. Vox Business policy
12. Vox Volunteer Waiver Policy

13. Vox Chat rules on telegram & discord

1. General Policy

1.1 Membership:

  • Eligibility: Membership is open to all individuals and they have to agree to abide by the community's rules and guidelines.

  • Application Process: Prospective members must complete an application form or process determined by the community administration.

  • Acceptance: Membership acceptance is subject to review and approval by the community administration.

  • Expectations: Members are expected to respect fellow members, participate constructively, and contribute positively to the community's atmosphere.

1.2 Enforcement and Revocation:

  • Code of Conduct: Members must adhere to a code of conduct that promotes respect, inclusivity, and a safe environment for all.

  • Reporting: Any member who witnesses or experiences a violation of community rules should promptly report it to the designated security, moderators or administrators.

  • Investigation: Reported incidents will be thoroughly investigated by the administration to determine the appropriate course of action.

  • Consequences: Violations of community rules may result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent expulsion from the community, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense.

  • Appeals: Members have the right to appeal any enforcement action taken against them, which will be reviewed by the administration.

1.3 Revocation Authority by the Board:

  • Board Oversight: The community's board of directors or equivalent governing body holds ultimate authority over membership revocation decisions.

  • Review Process: The board will review cases of membership revocation brought to their attention by the community administration.

  • Transparency: Decisions made by the board regarding membership revocation will be communicated transparently to the community, ensuring accountability and fairness.

  • Appeals Process: Members have the option to appeal revocation decisions made by the board, which will be subject to further review and consideration. An appeal can be send via mail to


These rules aim to establish a framework for maintaining a positive and inclusive environment within the Vox furry community, fostering mutual respect and accountability among its members.

2.Terms & Conditions

2.1 Rules of Admittance:

  • Age Requirement: Admission to Vox events and conventions is restricted to individuals aged 18 and above. 

  • Identification: All attendees must present a valid identification upon request by Vox staff or event organizers during events.

  • Mandatory Sona or Vox Badge: Attendees are required to wear a personal sona badge during events. Additionally, a Vox Badge must be worn at all times during conventions organized by Vox.

2.2 Badge Policies:

  • Loss of Personal Badge: In the event of a lost Vox issued badge, attendees must inform Vox staff immediately. A replacement Vox Badge will be provided upon payment of a 20 euro fee during Vox conventions.

  • Mandatory Vox Badge: Failure to wear the Vox Badge during conventions may result in denial of entry or expulsion from the event.

2.3  Ticket Policies:

  • Non-Transferable Tickets: Tickets for Vox events and conventions are non-transferable and may not be sold or exchanged with other individuals.

  • Validity Period: Tickets are only valid during the specified hours of an event or convention organized by Vox. Entry outside of designated hours is not permitted.

2.4 Revocation of Registration:

  • Discretionary Revocation: Vox reserves the right to revoke an attendee's registration without providing a reason. This decision is at the discretion of Vox staff or event organizers.

By participating in any Vox event or convention, attendees agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Vox reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the event or further action as deemed necessary by Vox.

3. Registration, Payments & Tickets 

  • Mandatory Online Registration: All attendees must register on the Vox website prior to attending any event or convention.

  • Immediate Payment for Event Tickets: Tickets for individual events must be paid for immediately upon registration.

  • Instalment Option for Convention Tickets: Tickets for conventions may be paid in instalments, with payments due by a specific given time, as outlined during the registration process.

  • Reselling tickets through ticket-selling websites is prohibited. Tickets can only be resold through Vox.

  • Completion of Payment for Valid Registration: Registration is considered valid only when the complete registration fee has been paid.

  • Confirmation Email: A registration is confirmed when the attendee receives a confirmation email from Vox.

  • Partial Refund in Case of Venue Conflict: In the event of a conflict with the venue, Vox will issue a partial refund based on registration costs incurred by Vox, minus any other applicable costs.

  • Reservation Failure Policy: If the reservation fee or instalments are not paid on time, your registration will be cancelled. A refund in such cases is not possible.

  • Failure to pay for instalments : If the partial instalments are not paid on time, your reservation will be cancelled and no refund is possible.

  • No Refunds for Personal Circumstances: Refunds are not possible if an attendee is unable to join an event or convention due to personal circumstances.

  • Refund Policy for Event Cancellation by Vox: If an event is cancelled by Vox due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances or insufficient attendance, a refund will be issued to all attendees, excluding processing fees and administration costs.

  • Ticket Transfer Authorization: Ticket transfers must be cleared by Vox administration. Attendees attempting to transfer tickets without proper authorization will not be admitted.

  • Hotel Room Transfer Policy: Hotel room transfers must be arranged through Vox administration. Breaking this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the event or convention.

  • No Refunds for Tickets, Products, or Packages: Tickets, products, and packages purchased from Vox are non-refundable.

  • Sponsor Package Donation: Sponsor packages are voluntary donations to support Vox. Once purchased, sponsor packages cannot be dropped, reclaimed, or cancelled. They are acknowledgements of support for the group and are used to enhance the attendee's experience. Sponsor packages can be claimed during registration, at the convention operations (con ops), or can be sent via mail with additional shipping fees.

By completing the registration process and making payment, attendees acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions set forth by Vox Group.

4. Behaviour Rules of Conduct
Vox is presented as a gathering of professional, socially respectful, and open-minded members of the furry community, as well as those interested in our events. To minimize misunderstandings about acceptable behaviour, adherence to these rules is expected. Additionally, please note that these rules apply throughout the entirety of the event or convention, encompassing early arrival, late departure, and moments outside the venue but still within the event period. They are applicable to all attendees, dealers, volunteers, staff members, and guests.

 4.1 Registration and Identification:

  • Attendees must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the event or convention.

  • Attendees must present their legal photo ID or passport at check-in, with details matching our records.

  • Vox is a private organisation, granting us the right to refuse, cancel, or revoke registrations without explanation.

  • Convention badges must be worn visibly at all times, including during fursuiting, for attendee identification.

  • Attendance without a valid event badge or badge impersonation is prohibited.

  • Impersonating official event roles, communications, or announcements is not allowed.

  • Altering or covering badge identifying information, including digital elements like NFC tags or barcodes, is prohibited.

  • Overnight stays in event hotels require a valid booking; 'ghosting' without a booking results in permanent refusal from the event.

  • Facilitating overnight stays without a valid hotel booking or attending without a badge is not permitted.

  • Lost room keys should be reported immediately to the hotel front desk and our security team; Vox assumes no liability for lost keys or keycards.

Non-compliance with these rules may result in removal from the event for the rest of the session or duration, for both the individual and other party groups involved.

4.2 Behaviour and Decency at Vox Group:

  • Respect: All members of Vox Group are expected to treat each other with respect, kindness, and consideration at all times.

  • Inclusivity: Vox Group is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic.

  • Professionalism: Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, both online and offline, when representing the Vox Group.

  • Communication: Open and respectful communication is encouraged among members. Disagreements should be handled with civility and a focus on finding constructive solutions.

  • Privacy: Members should respect each other's privacy and refrain from sharing personal information without consent.

  • Safety: The safety and well-being of all members are paramount. Any behaviour that jeopardizes the safety of others will not be tolerated.

4.3 Policy on Consent (Yes Means Yes, No Means No):

  • Consent: Vox Group adheres to the principle of affirmative consent, where "yes" means yes and "no" means no. Consent must be freely given, enthusiastic, and ongoing throughout any interaction or activity.

  • Respect for Boundaries: Members must respect each other's boundaries and refrain from engaging in any activity without explicit consent.

  • Intoxication: Consent cannot be given when an individual is intoxicated or incapacitated. Engaging in any form of sexual activity with an intoxicated person is strictly prohibited.

4.4 Policy on Hate Speech, Discrimination, and Racism:

  • Zero Tolerance: VOX Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, discrimination, and racism in any form. Such behaviour will result in immediate disciplinary action, including possible expulsion from the group.

  • Reporting: Members are encouraged to report any incidents of hate speech, discrimination, or racism to the group administrators or moderators for prompt action.

4.5 Policy on Respect for Clothing and Fursuits:

  • Appreciation: Members should appreciate and respect each other's choice of clothing and fursuits, recognizing the time, effort, and creativity that goes into creating them.

  • Consent: Touching or interacting with someone's clothing or fursuit should only occur with their explicit consent.

  • Maintenance: Members should ensure that their own clothing and fursuits are clean and well-maintained to uphold the standards of hygiene and respect within the group.

  • Sensitivity: Members should be mindful of cultural or personal significance attached to clothing and fursuits and avoid making insensitive or inappropriate comments.

4.6 Clothing Policy:

  • Proper Attire: All attendees of VOX Group events must be appropriately dressed at all times. This includes wearing clothing that covers the essential parts of the body.

  • Nudity Prohibited: Nudity is strictly prohibited within the event venue or any areas associated with VOX Group activities. Attendees must ensure that they are fully clothed at all times.

  • Respect for Venue Rules: Attendees are expected to comply with the clothing regulations and guidelines set forth by the hotel or venue hosting the event. Any specific dress codes or requirements outlined by the venue must be followed without exception.

  • Hygiene and Decency: Clothing worn should be clean, in good condition, and respectful of public decency standards. Any attire that is excessively revealing, provocative, or offensive is not permitted.

  • Adherence to Local Laws: Attendees must also adhere to any local laws or regulations regarding public attire and decency.

  • Enforcement: Failure to comply with the clothing policy may result in a request to modify attire or, in severe cases, removal from the event venue. VOX Group reserves the right to enforce this policy to maintain the comfort and respect of all attendees and to uphold the reputation of the event.

4.7 Damages Policy

  • Attendees are accountable for any damages they cause to property, facilities, or equipment during Vox events or conventions. This includes but is not limited to damage to event venues, hotel rooms, furniture, décor, and technical equipment.

  • Attendees who witness or become aware of any damages occurring during a Vox event or convention are encouraged to report the incident to event staff or designated representatives immediately.

  • Upon receiving a report of damages, Vox event staff will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the damage, the responsible party, and any mitigating factors.

  • Attendees found responsible for causing damages will be held accountable for the cost of repair, replacement, or restitution as deemed appropriate by VOX event organizers and venue management.

  • In cases of severe or intentional damage, Vox reserves the right to pursue legal prosecution against the responsible party to seek compensation for damages and associated costs. This may include but is not limited to filing civil claims or pursuing criminal charges.

  • Attendees are expected to cooperate fully with Vox event staff, venue management, and law enforcement authorities during the investigation and resolution of any damages-related incidents.

  • Attendees found liable for damages may face consequences including but not limited to:

    • a. Financial restitution for repair or replacement costs.

    • b. Removal from the event or convention.

    • c. Suspension or banning from future Vox events.

    • d. Legal action and prosecution.

5. Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons and Dangerous Items Policy

5.1 Weapons Policy

  • Prohibition of Weapons: Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at all Vox events or conventions. This includes firearms, knives, explosives, and any other item intended for use as a weapon.

5.2 Drugs policy

  • Illegal Drugs: The use, possession, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at all Vox events or conventions. Any individual found to be engaging in such activities will be immediately removed from the event venue and may face legal consequences.

  • Soft Drugs: The use of soft drugs, including cannabis, is also prohibited at Vox events or conventions. Attendees are expected to refrain from using any substances that may impair judgment or behaviour.

  • Legal Medical Drugs: Legal medical drugs may be permitted if accompanied by a valid prescription signed by a licensed medical professional. Attendees must adhere to the prescribed dosage and usage instructions.

  • Enforcement: Vox reserves the right to conduct searches and inspections to enforce this policy. Attendees found to be in violation of the drugs policy will be subject to removal from the event and may be banned from future events.

5.3 Violence and Illegal Activities

  • Prohibition of Fighting: Fighting or engaging in violent behaviour of any kind is strictly prohibited at Vox events or conventions. Attendees must resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully. Any individual found to be involved in fighting will be immediately removed from the event venue.

  • Zero Tolerance for Illegal Activities: Vox has a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal activities, including but not limited to theft, vandalism, and harassment. Attendees found to be engaging in illegal activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities and may face legal consequences.

  • Reporting: Attendees are encouraged to report any violations of the drugs and weapons policy or any other misconduct to event organizers or security personnel for prompt action.

  • Compliance: All attendees are expected to comply with the drugs and weapons policy to ensure the safety and well-being of themselves and others, as well as to maintain the integrity of Vox events.

6.  Media Policy

6.1 Media Capture:

  • When attending an event or convention organized by Vox, attendees acknowledge and consent to the possibility of photography, videography, or live streaming taking place.

  • Media capture will only occur in designated areas at the event, as indicated on the floor plan and through notifications placed throughout the venue or convention space.

6.2 Public Use and Promotion:

  • All media captured at Vox events will be made public and may be used by anyone, including Vox, for promotional purposes related to future events or on the Vox website.

6.3 Respect for Privacy:

  • Attendees are expected to respect the privacy of other attendees at all times.

  • No illegal photography, including unauthorized or surreptitious recordings, is permitted on the Vox convention floor or in public areas of the venue.

  • Vox is not responsible for media captured within hotel or venue bedrooms and will not intervene in disputes or issues arising from such media capture.

  • Violations of privacy will be addressed promptly and may result in legal consequences, including but not limited to legal action taken against the individual responsible.

6.4 Compliance:

  • All attendees are required to comply with the Vox Media Policy to ensure the privacy and comfort of all participants.

  • Failure to adhere to this policy may result in removal from the event and may impact future attendance at Vox events.

By participating in VOX events, attendees agree to abide by the terms of this Media Policy. Vox reserves the right to update or amend this policy as necessary to ensure the safety, security, and enjoyment of all attendees.

7. Security, Safety and Personal Aid

  • Security personnel will be present at the venue and convention to ensure the safety, security, and assistance of all attendees.

  • Attendees are provided with designated zones where they can secure personal items, seek assistance for security issues, or report any concerns.

  • The board of Vox has the final authority in all matters related to the event. Attendees are required to comply with the decisions made by the board without initiating discussions or disputes.

  • Attendees encountering problems during the event with the staff or security may seek assistance from a board member.

  • While security personnel are available to assist attendees and maintain order within the event venue, they are not expected to act as law enforcers for private disputes outside the venue or convention floor.

  • The laws and regulations of the hotel or venue apply to all attendees, and security personnel will enforce these rules as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone present.

By participating in Vox events, attendees agree to abide by the terms of this Security and Board Policy. Vox reserves the right to update or amend this policy as necessary to maintain a secure and orderly event environment.

8. Service Animals

  • Individuals with service dogs that aid in their mobility, accessibility, or other specific needs are welcome at Vox events.

  • Attendees who require the assistance of a service dog must contact event board prior to the event to confirm whether service dogs are allowed.

  • The Board will assess each request for the presence of a service dog on a case-by-case basis to ensure compliance with venue regulations and event logistics.

  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for attendees with service dogs, including designated areas for the dog's care and comfort.

  • Owners of service dogs are responsible for ensuring that their dogs remain under control at all times and do not disrupt the event or inconvenience other attendees.

  • Attendees with service dogs must comply with all rules and regulations of the venue regarding service animals, including any required documentation or identification and vaccination papers.

  • Pets or non-service animals are generally not permitted at Vox events unless explicitly stated otherwise by event organizers.

By requesting the presence of a service dog at a Vox event, attendees agree to abide by the terms of this Service Dog Policy. VOX reserves the right to update or amend this policy as necessary to ensure the comfort and accessibility of all attendees.

9. Rules of Commerce

The Dealers' Den at Vox conventions or Events provides a platform for attendees to engage in commerce, including the buying and selling of goods and services related to the theme of the event.

  • Items that may be sold within the Dealers' Den include but are not limited to:

    • Artwork (originals, prints, commissions)

    • Handmade crafts and merchandise

    • Collectibles and memorabilia

    • Books, comics, and zines

    • Clothing and accessories related to the event theme

  • Items that are prohibited from being sold within the Dealers' Den include:

    • Illegal or counterfeit goods

    • Items that promote hate speech, discrimination, or violence

    • Adult or explicit material (unless specifically permitted by event organizers)

    • Items that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others without proper authorization

  • Commerce is restricted to the designated Dealers' Den area and is not permitted elsewhere within the convention or venue premises.

  • Dealers who wish to exclusively sell merchandise within the Dealers' Den must purchase a convention or venue ticket in addition to their vending space.

  • All profits generated from sales within the Dealers' Den are the sole property of the individual dealers. Vox does not take a percentage of sales or profits from vendors.

  • Dealers are responsible for ensuring that their merchandise complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and event policies.

  • Event organizers reserve the right to enforce this policy and may request the removal of any items deemed inappropriate or non-compliant.

By participating in the Dealers' Den at Vox events, vendors agree to adhere to the terms of this policy. Vox reserves the right to update or amend this policy as necessary to maintain the integrity of the Dealers' Den and the event as a whole.

10. Vox Privacy Data

  • When you visit the Vox website, certain information may be collected automatically, such as your IP address, browser type, and operating system. This information is used for analytical purposes to improve the functionality and user experience of the website.

  • When you become a member of Vox, we may collect personal information such as your name, email address, and demographic information. This information is used to provide you with access to member-exclusive content, communicate with you about upcoming events and promotions, and personalize your experience with Vox.

  • We may collect additional information from you when you interact with Vox, such as when you register for an event, participate in surveys or contests, or communicate with us through email or social media. This information is used to fulfil your requests, improve our services, and tailor our communications to better suit your interests.

  • The Vox website may use cookies to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalized content. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. They help us analyse website traffic, remember your preferences, and track your interactions with our website. You can choose to accept or decline cookies through your browser settings, although this may limit your ability to access certain features of the website.

  • Vox is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use industry-standard security measures to safeguard your data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

  • The Vox website may contain links to third-party websites or services. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these third-party sites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any third-party sites that you visit.

  • By using the Vox website or participating in Vox events, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Vox reserves the right to update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to the policy will be posted on the Vox website, and your continued use of the website or participation in Vox events following the posting of changes constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

11. VOX Business Policy

  1. Open Business Policy:

    • VOX operates with an open business policy, promoting transparency and accountability in all our activities and decisions.

  2. Volunteer-Based Organization:

    • The organization primarily relies on volunteers who generously contribute their time, skills, and expertise to support Vox's mission and objectives.

  3. Financial Transparency:

    • Financial statements for Vox will be released annually, with the first set scheduled for publication in 2025. These statements will provide stakeholders with insight into our financial performance, expenditures, and allocations.

  4. Profit Business, Non-Profit Approach:

    • While Vox operates as a profit business, our ethos is rooted in the principles of a non-profit organization. Our primary goal is to serve our community and advance our mission rather than maximizing profits.

  5. Revenue Streams:

    • Vox generates income through various channels, including ticket sales for events, sales of merchandise, and sponsor packages. These revenue streams enable us to fund our operations and initiatives.

  6. Allocation of Income:

    • All income generated by Vox is reinvested into the organization to support its growth, sustainability, and the enhancement of services offered to our community.

    • Any surplus funds that exceed our operational needs will be allocated to charitable initiatives aligned with Vox's values and objectives.

  7. Commitment to Growth and Social Impact:

    • Vox is committed to continuously growing and evolving to better serve our community. We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to society and strive to make a meaningful social impact through our activities and initiatives.

  8. Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Vox values the input and feedback of our stakeholders, including volunteers, attendees, sponsors, and the wider community. We actively engage with stakeholders to ensure alignment with our mission and to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment.

By adhering to these business policies, Vox aims to uphold its commitment to transparency, accountability, and social responsibility while striving for sustainable growth and impact

12. VOX Volunteers Waiver Policy

  • Purpose: VOX Volunteers Waiver Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which individuals volunteer their time and services to support Vox events and initiatives. This policy aims to clarify the expectations, rights, and responsibilities of volunteers to ensure a positive and mutually beneficial volunteering experience.

  • Volunteers: Volunteers are individuals who offer their time, skills, and efforts to assist Vox in various capacities, including event planning, organization, execution, and promotion. Volunteers play a vital role in the success of Vox events and contribute to the achievement of the organization's mission and objectives.

  • Recruitment: Vox recruits volunteers through various channels, including online platforms, social media, community outreach, and word-of-mouth referrals. The recruitment process may involve interviews, orientation sessions, and background checks to ensure suitability for volunteer roles.

  • Payment and Expenses: Volunteers serve without monetary compensation for their services. Vox does not provide financial remuneration for volunteer work, nor does it reimburse volunteers for any expenses incurred while performing volunteer duties, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance by Vox's designated representatives.

  • Insurance: Vox may provide insurance coverage for volunteers, including but not limited to liability insurance and coverage for accidents or injuries that may occur during volunteer activities. Volunteers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the extent and limitations of the insurance coverage provided by Vox and adhering to any insurance-related policies or procedures.

  • Confidentiality: Volunteers may have access to confidential information, including sensitive organizational data, personal information of attendees or participants, and proprietary materials. Volunteers are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information and refrain from disclosing it to third parties without proper authorization from Vox.

  • Acknowledgment: By volunteering for Vox, individuals acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the Vox Volunteers Waiver Policy. Volunteers certify that they are of legal age and have the authority to enter into this agreement on their behalf.

  • Vox reserves the right to update or amend the Volunteers Waiver Policy as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to align with the organization's goals and objectives.

For questions or concerns regarding the Volunteers Waiver Policy, volunteers are encouraged to contact Vox's designated representatives for assistance

13.The General Rules Of The Telegram Chat & Discord

  1. Behave yourself.

  2. Don't spam. 

  3. Don't harass members. 

  4. Don't force your opinions and keep political standpoints for yourself.

  5. No NSFW chat or suggestive chat in the General Chat (Vox SFW & Discord).

  6. You have to be member of the SFW chat before you can enter the NSFW chats. 

  7. Be polite in the Discord Voice chats, don't curse to much, respect each other. 

  8. Use your common sense. 

  9. If an Admin makes a decision in the public Vox chats, accept it and don't debate it. Else you will receive a temp ban.

Vox Bans For A Reason

The Vox only bans people if there is a reason to enforce a ban. If we receive complaints and genuine objective evidence, we will enforce a ban based on the case evidence. If you get a banning message it will state why you are banned. We always respect the privacy of our members and will never make a ban publicly. The group that concedes over bans is the Vox BANS. Should you feel that your ban is unwarranted, then you have the opportunity to defend your case. Vox has given Second chances to people. People have the power to change themselves and so do we. If you get a ban, accept it like an adult and know we have given it for a reason. 

We use a 3 Strike Rule for Chat

  1. Verbal warning

  2. One-week ban

  3. Six-month ban

  4. Permanent ban, with the option to appeal after one year.

Administrators will consistently evaluate the gravity of situations, and therefore, we reserve the right to apply a strike outside of our standard protocol as deemed necessary.

We use a 4 Strike Rule for Events

  1. Misbehaving will result in a single warning.​

  2. If the misbehaviour continues, you will get one month ban from joining an event of the Vox.

  3. Misbehaving of a higher category or disrespecting the rules of an Event is a 6-12 month ban.

  4. Misbehaviour against a member(s) or harassing a member(s) during an event will immediately result in a permanent ban from the Vox Events and Vox Chat.​

I hope we got it all ^^
Sovox & Mattie : Leading Board
Ashrynn : Director Operations


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