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The Vox

Welcome to Vox Events, where we organize amazing gatherings in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Switzerland!

Our Big Annual Events

  • Vox Castle

  • Vox Cafe 54

  • Vox Convention

  • Vox Facts & Comic Con

Tailored for the Furry Community

Our events are specially designed for the Furry community, where fans of anthropomorphic animals can meet, have fun, and enjoy a world of entertainment and joy.

Giving Back

All the money we make from our events goes towards buying equipment, improving our services, and supporting charitable organizations.


The World of Furries

Furries are people who love animal characters with human traits, called “fursonas.” These characters come to life through role-playing, art, and colorful costumes known as “fursuits.” Furries interact with each other through their fursonas, which have unique personalities and looks. Conventions and meets around the world bring this vibrant community together. Whether you're an experienced Furry or just curious, Vox Events invites you to explore a world where imagination has no limits!


Vox Events: Who We Are 

Vox Events is officially registered with the Belgian Legal Entities Register under number 0802.470.805.Link : KBO 

Our Partners

We believe in teamwork and collaborate with many wonderful groups, including:

  • Fox Denn

  • FBW FurMeet

  • Fun Fur Splashy

  • FBW

  • Friendly Furs

  • De Lage Vachtjes

  • V8N8

  • Gaming Furballs

  • Reffurence

Join Us

If you’re interested in partnering with us, feel free to reach out. Let’s work together! 🤝🌟

Vox History

The Adventurous Tale of Vox

The history of Vox holds a special place in our hearts. Before Vox became what it is today, it was just a group of close friends embarking on exciting journeys to beautiful places, soaking in the culture, and enjoying the thrill of adventure.

The Birth of Vox

It all started with Sovox, a lively and curious soul. People often wondered, "What's Sovox up to?" On August 25, 2021, Sovox decided to create Vox. Friends, intrigued by Sovox’s activities, suggested hosting events in various Belgian locations—bowling, drinks, movies, food, and more.

Growing the Circle

As Sovox’s circle grew, friends with unique ideas joined in. Sivix, Mayk, and Harm were the first to help. Soon, Mattie, Varu, and Ashrynn joined, and Vox began to flourish. Our first event in Ghent exceeded all expectations, attracting a huge crowd. As Vox grew, more volunteers stepped up. Rhayu became an Admin, organizing quick flash meets that drew interest from fellow furries wanting to host events under the Vox banner.

Partnerships and Expansions

In March, Vox partnered with Fox Denn, a group focused on charity. This collaboration opened new doors. Caertha, a brilliant mind, joined with Bluefluffy, and despite their spirited debates, their events were always a hit.

Celebrating Milestones

On August 25, 2022, Vox celebrated its first birthday with more events and greater community engagement. In September, Yaijah joined, bringing her event expertise to the Netherlands. By January 2023, the Vox NL team was born, led by Yaijah, and included Achates, Taiky, Arrow, and Darylfox. They faced challenges but were determined to create more events in the Netherlands.

Overcoming Challenges

In June 2023, the Netherlands group faced difficulties and partially reintegrated. We established the General Administration, led by Ashrynn. By July 1, 2023, Vox officially became Vox Events, a business entity. On November 13, Vox launched its first Vox Cafe Event in the Netherlands, hosting monthly events for the Furry and Pup communities.

Major Reorganization

January 1, 2024, marked a significant reorganization for Vox. The Board, Admins, and Moderator Group were revamped to keep up with Vox’s rapid growth. We also brought on Steamy The Fox, with his convention experience, to help organize future Vox Convention.

New Additions

In April 2024, Lumen joined Vox, revitalizing our Discord server and managing channels as head moderator. Juravenator also came on board as a developer, building the next version of the Vox website to create a revolutionary platform for the Vox Convention.

The Adventure Continues

The story of Vox is one of friendship, growth, and endless adventure. As we move forward, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we'll create unforgettable experiences and explore new horizons!🌟📜

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