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The Vox 

Vox Events is an event group that organizes events in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. 

The primary annual events that the Vox hosts are : 
- Vox Castle
Vox Summer Weekend.

These main events are specially made for the Furry (Anthropomorphic Animals) community. The goal of the Vox is to create a relaxing environment where Furries can come together to enjoy each others company. We also provide the Entertainment, Merchandising and Catering. 

The secondary events the Vox organises are little meetups. For example: Bowling events, Dinner events, Visiting a park, Going on a furrwalk in a city,..... 

Vox Events is registered with the Belgian Legal Entities Register under number 0802.470.805 
Link : KBO 

All the revenues made during the events will be used for the purchasing of equipment, improving services and donations are made to charities. ​

What are Furries ?
Furries are people who have an active interest in animal characters with human characteristics. These characters are often created by the community members themselves, who take them on as a “fursona” (an alternate persona) who interacts with other ‘fursonas’ in the community via roleplaying and art. The fursona commonly embodies characteristics (personality traits, physical attributes, and projected ages) desired by the individual creator. Some members even make vibrant costumes of their characters (called “fursuits”), and usually wear them in a public forum either in-person or online. There are world-wide conventions and “meets” that act as real-life gathering spaces for members.

We are not alone 

We as a Vox also don't stand alone as group, we like to work together with other groups. We partnered up with
Fox Denn, FBW FurMeet, Fun Fur Splashy, Sparcon Group, FBW , Kjells Crew, Funky Furrs.... So, If you want to work together, feel free to contact us.

The Vox History

The Vox History is a special one.

Before the Vox group even existed, it started as a friends group, that travelled to nice locations to enjoy the environment, culture and relax. 


Sovox was always chatting and people kept asking what he was doing etc... So Sovox decided on the 25th august 2021 to create a group called Vox. Many friends where interested in his activities and that sparked the idea of hosting events at certain locations in Belgium. Bowling, Drinking, Movies, Food,... etc...


More of Sovox his friends came with unique ideas that Sovox needed help. In the beginning Sivix, Mayk and Harm aided the Vox. But even that was not enough. Later on Mattie, Varu, Ashrynn aided. It was from that point that the Vox really began to grew. 


Our first event started in Ghent and surprisingly a lot of people showed up beyond even our expectations. With the growth of the Vox more members wanted help out. Rhayu became an Admin in the Vox and started hosting flash meets. Little meets, that could be hosted in a short period of time. This led to many furs that actually asked for aid to help them host events under the banner of the Vox.


In March The Vox started a partnership with Fox Denn and that boosted the group because of our common goals. While Foxdenn is more private, the Vox is public.  Our partnership has opened a lot of doors. At this point Caertha joined the Admins. A bright person with so many ideas and always aided by his companion in life Bluefluffy. As much as they always fight on discord, their events are always a hit. 

On the 25-08-2022 we celebrated the first birthday of the Vox Group.   It also marks the next step of the Vox Group. More Events, More Fun,....

In September 2022 Yaijah joined the team. As she is familiar with events, she now has been given the chance to host in the Netherlands. 

In January 2023 the Vox NL team started. Yaijah is leading a team together with Achates, Taiky, Arrow and Darylfox.They had a small meetup and now will start with creating more events in The Netherlands. But I can tell you that it won't be easy. The Netherlands is a challenging place to host.

On the 1 July of 2023, the Vox became an official business under the name Vox Events.

The Future of Vox, who will tell ...

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