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Not too long ago, the lively crew at Vox was approached by the gaming enthusiasts of Retrovolt. David extended an exciting invitation to us: host a stand at Facts! We eagerly teamed up with our fantastic partners, Fox Den and Goldfur Creations, and said yes to the adventure. The catch? We only had a month to prepare before the big event, Facts, kicked off. Undeterred, we dove into brainstorming sessions, huddling together in countless meetings to plan everything down to the last detail. Finally, the day arrived, and we were ready for our debut. Our first run at hosting was a smashing success, filled with energy and fun.

After the event, we gathered to reflect on what went well and what we could improve. Thanks to the great feedback and support from Retrovolt, we’re thrilled to announce that Vox will be a regular feature at every Facts edition from now on. The adventure continues!


Because we are a non profit stand, we will not be selling products. But we will be providing some activities. 
These are the following activities & Services :

  • Create Your Own Sona: Dive into the fun and craft your very own character.

  • Learn About the Communities: Discover all about the amazing furry communities.

  • Goldfur Creations Tutorials: Get hands-on tips for suit creation, suiting and repairs.

  • Fox Den Info: Learn about their charity events, fursuit care or cool yourself off with their giant blower.

  • Vox Events: Enjoy drinks, grab pamphlets from our partner groups and learn about our events.

  • Secured Storage: Keep your belongings safe in our secure storage space.

  • We have two changing rooms available for the suiters that want to prepare themselves

  • We will also be hosting the Photoshoot on Saturday and Sunday at 14.00h

Hotel Arrangement

During the Spring Edition of Facts, Vox has a thrilling offer: a hotel stay at The Holiday Inn, right next to the Convention Centre! The weekend will be packed with fun After Facts activities.

First, we'll embark on an evening adventure through the city, and then we'll host a nighttime photoshoot in front of the Convention Centre. The hotel bar will be open until midnight, and after that, you can relax in the lounge, which is open all night. Drinks will still be available at the desk, and you can play pool or enjoy some board games together. Join us for a weekend full of fun and excitement!

Ticket sales will open on January 1, 2025!

Keep in mind that hotel parking isn't included in the ticket price. Parking spots are available for 15 euros per day.


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Staff Applications

We are searching for people that wish to help us at Facts and Comic Con

If you are interested in helping us, then visit our Vox Applications

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