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Vox Castle 2025 Reserve Reservation

Reserve List Information

Don't Despair – Opportunities Await!

We understand that plans change and not everyone can make it to the Vox Castle Event. But don't despair! When spots open up, it creates new opportunities for others to join. If you missed out on the initial registration, there's still a chance for you to experience the magic of the castle. Stay hopeful and we will keep an eye out for openings!

Be Mindful with Backup Registration

When you register as a backup for the Vox Castle Event, please ensure you are seriously considering joining us. We want to make sure that every spot is filled with enthusiastic participants ready to enjoy the event to the fullest. Your commitment helps us plan better and creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Backup Registration Costs Nothing

Joining the backup list for the Vox Furry Castle Event is completely free of charge. We want to make it easy for everyone interested to have a shot at attending. There's no financial risk involved, so sign up if you're interested and available!

No Guaranteed Spot with Backup Registration

Please remember that being on the backup registration list does not guarantee you a reserved spot at the castle. It means you're in line for any openings that may arise. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to accommodate as many participants as possible.

When you are selected, the initial payment plan for the castle is different. 
You have to pay your registration in full and paying with instalments is not an option.



  • Entry Price: €325.00

  • Sponsor Package : €55.00  (T-shirt, custom badge, special lanyard, battery pack, bottle-opener, coaster, mentioning in the castle book)

Vox Castle 2025
Reserve Registration

Thank you for your Registration!

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