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A New Adventure for Vox

When : From 15-03-2024 until  18-03-2024
Location : Castle St Jean (Mettet Namur - Name

Price : €310 - €350 (Sponsor package)

Max Attendees : 45

The castle dates from the 1900 and has been completely renovated.  The owner  is the same person that owns the Villa and was amazed by our little  group.  While she was a bit shy and hesitant in the beginning, the concept of the fandom was so overwhelming that her kids and husband where even curious ^^. 

* An extended weekend full with adventure
* Luxurious meals 

* Exclusive Bar 
* Gaming Room
* A giant indoor pool
* Sauna & Relax Room
* Massages
* Cuddle Room 
* Photoboot

* The Randomizer Room

*  Entertainment 


If this makes you curious enough, then let's start with the introductions ^^

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The Vox castle has a lot to offer.

The goal of this extended weekend event is to simply awash you in Luxury. When you arrive, you will  be led to your room by our  concierge.  In the evening your guide Sovox will start with the introductions of what Vox Castle has to offer. After that the fun can start. The Vox offers a variety of entertainment, So lets see what you will experience at the Castle

Your Guide Sovox



Luxury is what you will experience at Vox Castle

What does every Furry need ? Yes, food. Our team of chefs led by Mattie & Ashrynn will treat you with Luxury meals. 
You will be treated to a royal breakfast, an amazing lunch experience and of course dinner. But what makes it special? You will be offered a selection of courses you can pick out of. From starters, Main course and Dessert. With the meals we provide, we will also provide the necessary beverages like selected wines and  normal beverages. All this is included in the price

But the kitchen is also active in the evening, fastfood snacks, drinks etc...

The Bar

During the evening the bar will be open, where our profesinal Mixologist Drako  will create the best cocktails.

For the sponsors, these drinks will be free. 

We do have a strict policy about alcohol usage. So we open-heartly ask you to consume alcohol wisely.

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The Entertainment

During the evening, the Vox will provide entertainment.


First of all we have the Caertha Quiz.

This a group quiz with a special selection of questions and assignments ^^. A really special experience. 

The Gaming/ Movie Room

Darkomyst, Daryl Fox and Rhayu will pump the room full with consoles on which you can play on, Experience VR and enjoy old classic games. But we also have a beamer and for those that want to enjoy a relaxing evening, we will provide a selection of movies for all to enjoy...... Please don't ask for ZooTopia, we have seen that movie like 10.000.000 times by now. 

During the evening we also provide music so everybody can enjoy a nice evening either relaxing or dancing. 

The Cuddle & Box Room

Well we know furries like to cuddle and yes we have a big lounge for that, but somehow there are a lot of furries that like boxes. During a moment on Saturday, we will be converting the cuddle room in a room filled with boxes. 

We all like to make the castle as memorable as possible. The Theme for this year is Space. So we will be creating a Photobooth where  Anthro Jesse and Lexie will be making pictures. So dress up like your favourite Astronaut ^^.


Relaxing & Wellness

One of the main things during the Castle is to Relax.

The Pool

We have a big indoor pool where you swim as long as you want, heck you can even sleep there if you want. Shakou and Whaler will provide some nice Inflatables where you can relax on.  After 23.00u it is allowed to skinny-dip.  (AD)


The Sauna

Next from the pool there is the sauna where you can relax with 10 people. It's an all natural sauna, so after a nice swimming session, you can walk directly towards the sauna to relax. 

During your stay at the Castle, there is the opportunity to have a relaxing massage executed by our professional masseur Taikymoto. But it will also be combined with Aroma Therapy. An exclusive experience. 

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Vox Main Castle Team

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