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The Ad Channels of The VOX

Dear Vox Member,

Thank you for being a valued member of Vox and expressing interest in our sub-channels. To maintain a respectful and enjoyable environment, we enforce a set of rules that are both stringent and equitable.

Vox comprises five sub-channels, accessible only through our application or with administrative approval.

Please note that all channels are restricted to individuals aged 18 and above. Falsifying your age will result in an immediate ban from Vox.

Here's an overview of our sub-channels:

  1. Vox NSFW: Limited to Yiff Art and suggestive Mursuiting (no explicit genitalia).

  2. Vox NSFW Heavy: Features Kink Yiff Art, Feral Yiff, Watersport Yiff, excluding suggestive Mursuiting. Strict prohibition of IRL or AI Realism animal-based content; violation results in an immediate ban from Vox.

  3. Vox Porn: Inclusive of IRL content, Mursuiting, Toy Play, Pup Play (general sexual content, excluding heavy themes).

  4. Vox Dark Porn: Involves IRL Kink content, BDSM, Mursuiting, Toy Play.

  5. Vox SFW Pup Channel: A safe-for-work channel dedicated to the pup community.

Basic Rules for Chats:

  1. Display adult behaviour in the channels.

  2. Avoid engaging in pointless discussions or arguments.

  3. Post content relevant to the specific chat.

  4. Respect others' content and opinions; avoid starting debates.

  5. Refrain from spamming channels with irrelevant content.

  6. No kink-shaming; violators will be banned.

  7. Assume responsibility for the content you post.

  8. Inactive members may be removed periodically for channel cleanliness.

Vox House Rules:

  1. Discourage frequent channel joiners/leavers in Ad channels; repeated occurrences may lead to a ban.

  2. Avoid provoking others into arguments; provokers may receive a temporary ban.

  3. Address content issues with moderators or admins.

  4. Private discussions about meetups should not occur within the channels.

  5. Respect each others privacy and ask before sending content in private dm.

Content Restrictions:

No Scat, Vomiting, Suffocation, or other explicit and revolting content is allowed.

If in doubt, please contact an Admin or Moderator.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


The Vox Administration

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