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The Rules

The General Rules Of The Chat & Discord

  1. Behave yourself.

  2. Don't spam. 

  3. Don't harass members. 

  4. Don't force your opinions and keep political standpoints for yourself.

  5. No NSFW chat or suggestive chat in the General Chat (Vox SFW & Discord).

  6. You have to be member of the SFW chat before you can enter the NSFW chats. 

  7. Be polite in the Discord Voice chats, don't curse to much, respect each other. 

  8. Use your common sense. 

  9. If an Admin makes a decision in the public Vox chats, accept it and don't debate it. Else you will receive a temp ban.

Vox Bans For A Reason

The Vox only bans people if there is a reason to enforce a ban. If we receive complaints and genuine objective evidence, we will enforce a ban based on the case evidence. If you get a banning message it will state why you are banned. We always respect the privacy of our members and will never make a ban publicly. The group that concedes over bans is the VOX BANS. Should you feel that your ban is unwarranted, then you have the opportunity to defend your case. Vox has given Second chances to people. People have the power to change themselves and so do we. If you get a ban, accept it like an adult and know we have given it for a reason. 

We use a 3 Strike Rule for Chat

  1. One Week ban.

  2. One Month ban.

  3. Permanent Ban of the Vox completely.

We use a 4 Strike Rule for Events

  1. Misbehaving will result in a single warning.​

  2. If the misbehaviour continues, you will get one month ban from joining an event of the Vox.

  3. Misbehaving of a higher category or disrespecting the rules of an Event is a 6-12 month ban.

  4. Misbehaviour against a member(s) or harassing a member(s) during an event will immediately result in a permanent ban from the Vox Events and Vox Chat.

The General Event Rules
We expect that all attendees respect the rules. Misbehaviour will result in an exclusion of an event. If you misbehave during an event, you will be asked to leave. For an appeal, please contact the proper channels. Making a scene at an event or on the chat without proper reason to do so will result in a ban. 

Registration Policy
Every attendee has to register for an event. Only a valid registration gives the attendee the right to join an event. Without it, you are not welcome. Showing up at an event unannounced will be met with a warning and you will have to leave immediately. When this happens multiple times, you will be banned from the Vox entirely. If you register for an event and can't show up, please notify us as quickly as possible. If you don't, we will see this as a breach and you will receive a 6 month ban. Any form of excuses will not be accepted. Once you register for an event, you will also get an invite for the Vox SFW Telegram chat. It is mandatory to join it, even if you aren't active. We control the check-ins on a regular basis. We do this for  the reason to check-up on the attendees and the events they are participating if something should happen. 

Alcohol Policy

Please drink wisely, if you get drunk at the point you need to go to the hospital, we will bring you there and you will never be welcome again to a Vox Meet. At an event where alcohol is involved, people of the age of 18+ are welcome, minors do not drink at our events.


Damage Policy 

If you break stuff not covered by our insurance, you will be paying the damages you caused. Vox events can never be blamed for damages or accidents, if you caused them. 

Transportation Policy

The International events that the Vox hosts have a fixed transport schedule. We will book the necessary transports from point A to B. We always will prepare a meetup point and after that The Vox takes over. Getting to the meeting point is your responsibility. Also when an event ends, we expect that you have the necessary transportation to get home. If we discover that you can't fix your transportation and you have to tag people for it during an event, you will be banned for 6 months for participating with a future Vox Event. Always prepare yourself, don't be a loose cannon. 

Hotel Policy

When the Vox holds an event with an arranged hotel option, we expect that you behave at the hotel. What you do in your room is your own responsibility. If problems occur, then its you who will be accounted for and not the Vox. We have 3 simple rules.

1. When a room is booked, it is booked for the people who booked it.
2. You are allowed to have visitors in your room, but it's not the intention that they stay there for the night. If you get caught, you will be banned for 6 months for joining a future Vox event. 
3. Respect the rules of the hotel.


Monetary Policy

Some events have to be payed in advance by the attendees. When you register for an event, you will be asked to pay a certain amount to join an event. When you drop out of an event without proper proof or you drop out without notifying The Vox, your initial payment will be kept. Restitutions will only be made if you can give the staff the proper reason and proof. Exiting during an event is the immediate loss of any form of restitution. If an event is cancelled because of unknown reasons a full or partial refund will be made back to all attendees. This depends on the contract that the Vox negotiates with establishments. We also expect that when you join an event, that you can pay for your expenses. 


If you have complaints, please contact Ashrynn. He handles all the internal affaires.

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