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The Partners 

At Vox, we believe in the magic of collaboration. By working hand in hand with other groups, we create unforgettable experiences. Whether it's a fun event, a creative project, or just hanging out, we're always excited to partner up. So lets start with the introductions ^^

Fox Den

The Fox Den is a warm and welcoming furry community that brings people together through fun events and charitable activities. Led by Dr. Mitch, the team is dedicated to making a positive impact and providing a special place for all furries in our hearts. They focus on cooperation and support, ensuring everyone feels included and valued. Whether it's through exciting gatherings or helping out with important causes, the Fox Den is all about friendship, kindness, and making a difference.

Friendly Furrs
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The Friendly Furrs is a young and vibrant furry community that welcomes everyone with open arms. They love to host events, including fun VR Chat meetups where members can hang out. They also organize "furrwalks," where members dress up in their furry costumes and take joyful strolls together. This group focuses mainly on the younger generation who are new to the furry fandom, making it a great place for newcomers to feel comfortable and make new friends. The Friendly Furrs truly live up to their name, creating a warm and inviting space for all.

Gaming Furballs

The Gaming Furballs is a great community for furries who love playing video games. If you're a furry who enjoys gaming, this is the perfect place for you. The group is very dedicated and takes their gaming seriously, so get ready for some fun and exciting times. Join the Gaming Furballs and connect with fellow furry gamers!

V8N8 Events

V8N8 Events is a furry event organisation without a profit motive to make every furry event accessible to everyone in the furry community. Our organisation’s name directly translates to “FurNight Events” as we love to create a rave for every fur. With the next generation of furries in the board, we like to experiment in our events to create experiences beyond our imaginations. We love to create events, which everyone gets involved and no one is left alone. We would love to invite you to a night which is unforgettable, a night when the furry community gets closer, a night of wonder, joy, and connection. Together, we'll explore new realms of imagination and make every moment count. Join us as we celebrate the vibrant spirit of our events and create memories that will last a lifetime."


Fuzzvents is a well-organized group within the furry community that focuses on hosting and promoting events. Similar to how Vox operates. They prioritize clear and straightforward communication, ensuring their messages are always direct and to the point. Fuzzvents is dedicated to bringing the furry community together in a fun and efficient way.

The Purple Fox Meets

The Purple Fox Meets is a fun-loving furry group led by Daryl Fox. They focus on creating enjoyable events like parties, furrwalks, and dinners. Once a year, Daryl hosts a big event, often in a beautiful European location. It's a great time to pack your bags and have a blast with fellow furries. Join the Purple Fox Meets and make unforgettable memories!

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FBW Furmeets

Introducing FBW, the furry group bringing Belgium together! Whether you're from Flanders, Brussels, or Wallonia, this furry family welcomes you with open paws. Our goal? Creating unforgettable events all across Belgium, bridging communities and spreading joy. While French is the lingua franca, feel free to wag your tail in English, Dutch, or even German! Join us for fun, friendship, and furry adventures aplenty. See you at our next gathering!

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Join the fun at Reffurence's annual convention! Originally starting in Belgium, they've now found a vibrant home in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Get ready for days filled with a huge amount of activities on the convention floor, all designed to keep you engaged and entertained. Each year brings a new theme to explore and enjoy. For all the details, hop over to their website and get ready to unleash your inner furry!

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