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Kjells Crew Presents

Woodstock Furry Edition

From 18 - 20 August 2023

Hi, we are the Crew of Kjell

We started as a small friendsgroup that loves to organise meetups
That's why we are proud to announce, that we are starting a small convention of our own.

And we are calling it : Woodstock Furry Edition ^^

It will be held at Den Hopper, Bosbergen 1, 2200 Herentals on the 18th until the 20th of August 2023.

Our packages are as follows:
Full weekend       : €150,00

Day Pass              : €35,00
Sponsor Package : €55,00 (T-shirt, exclusive lanyard, custom badge, button and a keychain)

The Specials during the con
Friday     18th  :  Dance Ball

Saterday 19th  :  Rave Party
Sunday    20th : Just the Con 


photo_2023-01-11_14-13-58 (2).jpg
photo_2023-01-11_14-13-58 (3).jpg
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